Tablecloth Rental

Boca Suno rencontre femme serieuse gratuitement Add a little something that makes a big statement and that is a must for any celebration – table linens! A table linen will soften the harshness of a standard wooden table or a plastic durable table that are commonly used at most venues, to include outdoor events.  Your table linen options variety from satin, crush satin / bichon, corsage, sequin, pinchwheel, pintuck and other great options. In addition to a table linen, you may want to consider an overlay to drape over the linen to add another layer of stylish or classic fabric.  The overlays are designed to complement a linen in every setting. Whenever an overlay and a linen are used on the same table, the best design combo is a plain (outside a pattern) linen and an organza, sheer, shag or any other stylish overlay. If you’re opting for a modern, glass table forgo the table linen and go with the table runner or a sheer linen that will allow you to view the glass.  It’s simple but soften the room and gives another element of style for your guest to enjoy.

Linen Rentals My personal favorite is the ivory corsage linen if you’re opting for a classic, elegant look. My second personal favorite is the glitz silver sequin linen for a fun, modern, party look. The corsage linen or glitz silver sequin linen can be used on a few tables that you’re looking to accent or highlight, such as the sweetheart table, sign-in guest table, a welcome / lobby card table or the main family tables to dazzle a little fun and luxury to your next special celebration and party. At Blue Feather Event Rentals, we have many table linens and overlay options in stock.  Many of the fabrics used for linens are many of the same fabrics used for dresses.  We recommend keeping it simple and accessorize.

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